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Quantum Liability Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd is an established underwriting manager specialising exclusively in Specialist Security Liability Underwriter for the Security Industry on behalf of GENRIC Insurance Company Limited. Our business combines the traditional values of integrity and a strong business ethics with progressive ideas to enhance our current products and providing a sustainable, solid underwriting and risk management operation on behalf of our clients. The high growth South African security industry, which boasts more than 5 000 security companies with a total of more than 300 000 employees, will welcome the entry of a new specialist insurer focused on providing liability insurance cover developed specifically for unique security industry needs.

Quantum Liability Underwriters, has entered the market to offer security companies cover for the commercial liabilities they face in providing security services to commerce, industry, farms and private residences. Our goal is to help security companies overcome the potentially crippling effects of liability claims and litigation by providing innovative alternative and customised risk management solutions supported by solid underwriting. We have a comprehensive product range which will be continually enhanced and developed to meet client and market needs.

Quantum’s partners include local insurer GENRIC Insurance Company Ltd, Africa Re a long-established reinsurance specialist in the African market, specie insurance specialist Polygon Underwriting.

  • General Public Liability

    The Insured is indemnified in respect of General Public Liability for and/or arising out of Injury and/or Property Damage which arises out of the performance of Security duties.
  • Pollution Liability

    The Insured is indemnified in respect of liability for and/or arising out of Injury and/or Damage occurring out of Pollution.
  • Products Liability

    The Insured is indemnified for and/or arising out of Injury and/or Damage against a liability arising out of or in connection with any Product.
  • Security Claims

    The Insured is indemnified in respect of liability for Security Claims arising out of Injury to persons, damage to property on or in the vicinity of the Security Site and in the care, custody or control of the Insured.
  • Professional Indemnity

    The Insured is indemnified for and/or arising out of Injury and/or Damage against liability arising out of Professional Negligence.
  • Motor Dealers

    A bespoke solution for motor dealers and short-term insurance intermediaries who are required in terms of legislation to have purchased Professional Indemnity cover.
  • Dealer Assist

    Insurance for motor dealers when claims or complaints are lodged against them under the Consumer Protection Act. The policy covers legal defence costs, as well as assistance with drafting of contracts.
  • For Intermediaries

    Offering a range of specialised insurance programmes, Quantum Liability Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd represents a new market with the capacity and expertise to service your clients' needs.

Security Liability Insurance Presence Intensified

As a Security Services Provider, your function is to protect your clients from the unexpected and unwanted. One unexpected lawsuit could cause irreparable financial damage to your company. The reality is, in today’s litigious society, you’re highly vulnerable given your job responsibilities as a Security professional. That’s why Quantum Liability Underwriting Managers provides Security Service providers with Security Liability Insurance cover to protect you and your company – allowing you peace of mind to perform your duties and functions at an optimum.

Proper protection with Security Liability Insurance

While it’s the function of a security guard to protect others, security companies must also ensure that their employees are protected by making sure they have proper security liability insurance. A lot of responsibility falls onto a security guard’s shoulders. Whether they are guarding residential or commercial properties their clients depend on them to keep the entire premises safe at all times, and that often includes the people in them.

Security Liability Insurance Expertise

Unfortunately, there will always be crime – incidents of assault , theft and much worse occur on a daily basis in our country , and many times they happen where a security guard is present. If a guard is on duty when property is damaged or members of the public is harmed, they can be held liable. Victims will look for restitution wherever possible, and it is up to the security company to ensure that they have the correct security liability insurance coverage when problems like these arise.

Quantum Liability Underwriting Managers provide comprehensive security liability insurance cover, designed specifically for the Security Industry.

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